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Associated Organisations

The University of Edinburgh Graduates' Association is just one organisation in a global community of others, all serving the best interests of the University of Edinburgh and Scotland's capital city. We are always pleased to work in concert with other organisations, and would encourage members to visit each of the websites and Facebook pages below.

We also encourage members to visit the University of Edinburgh's full list of domestic and international alumni groups, which can be found at the following link:

Edinburgh University Club of London  -  Website  |  Facebook

The Edinburgh University Club of London was founded in 1864 and aims to provide members with a continuing link to the University, and opportunities to meet other Edinburgh alumni. They also maintain links with alumni organisations for the other Scottish Universities.

Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group  -  Website  |  Facebook

The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group was founded in 1954 by some Edinburgh University alumni who were former members of the University Dramatic Society. Since then, the original members have been joined or replaced by fresh generations of talent. They have been putting on theatre productions in Edinburgh for over 60 years and have established themselves as one of the city’s most respected amateur companies.

Friends of Edinburgh University Library  -  Website  |  Facebook

Founded in 1962, the Friends of Edinburgh University Library is a registered charity who support the work of the University by promoting, celebrating and enhancing the library's reputation and its collections. Each year the Friends host lectures, exclusive tours of library exhibitions and private visits to external libraries. All events and activities are publicised and detailed in their bi-annual members newsletter, the Piper.

Friends of Edinburgh University Visual Arts  -  Website

Founded in 2015 from the former Friends of the Talbot Rice Gallery, FEUVA are a voluntary organisation and a registered Scottish charity. Their primary aim is to support art activities at the Edinburgh College of Art, the art collections of the University, and the Talbot Rice Art Gallery.

Friends of St Cecilia's Hall & Museum  -  Website

The Friends of St Cecilia's Hall & Museum work to support the restoration of St Cecilia's Concert Hall and museum, to raise awareness of the Hall’s importance, and to raise funds to support its work based on instruments in the collection: conservation, restoration, education, research, performance, recording and outreach.

University of Edinburgh Women's Club  -  Website  |  International Group Facebook

The University of Edinburgh Women's Club aims to promote friendship and contacts among women who are associated with the University of Edinburgh or another UK universities. A number of UEWC groups meet on a regular basis, including the Badminton, Book, Garden, and International Groups. 

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